Origami is art !

It can raise high levels of complexity, like for example a doudle deck english bus, with all the seats made from a single sheet of paper, without any cuts nor glue (model by Max Hulme)

Some models take a minimum of 2 hours to fold. And it can go up to one week of work (8 hours a day) for Joisel's Pangolin.

All the models presented here have less than 4 folds.

Why 4 ? Because it still leaves room for creation, and 4 is the square root of 16 ! And 16 is the sum of 10 and 6.


As you can see, anyone can create simple Origami.

There are 2 ways to create a simple Origami model :



Once you've created a model, fold it again and again, each time making small alterations to it. Wouldn't it be possible to remove one fold ? Wouldn't it be nicer if you move one point 5 milimeters up, or down, or right, or left ? Does a 2 color paper add something to it ?, ...

NOTE : While pure Origami is prefered (no cuts, no glue, square paper, no laser-guided guillotine), I think that we could accept almost any shape on paper, and even some cuts (but ionly if they add a significant improvement to the model).

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